Monday, May 7, 2012

We Call Her Lola

We know it's silly but we've decided to name our pieces of furniture. This pretty girl spoke to us and said her name was Lola. She started out shabby.....and not the pretty shabby. Her veneer was peeling, some of it missing, the bottom of her top drawer was warped, splitting and wouldn't close. She had knobs missing. 

Look at her now......pretty.....she's now a showgirl.......hence the name Lola..

When we first spotted her we weren't sure how much work would be involved. We read horror stories on other blogs about how difficult it was to remove veneer. We rolled up our sleeves expecting hours and hours of intensive labor. We were so surprised that with little effort the veneer came off. The hard part was removing the old glue. We just soaked an old sock in water, let it sit on the glue for a few minutes and then we were able to scrape it off with little effort. 

Look at her detail..............we were so lucky that all the pretty detail were intact.  Her finish is so smooth.

When Lola spoke to us she said she'd look beautiful in a soft sage color. We used Valspar  Sage Bud with an asphalt glaze. Since chalk paint is all the rage right now and we couldn't spring for ASCP we made our own. We poured about 1/3 of a quart of paint into a plastic butter dish and crushed a piece of chalk into it. Soooo scientific. It went on like BUTTA.......She's finished off with 2 coats of poly and 2 coats of wax.  

Our adventures in refurbishing furniture has been rewarding so far. The hot summer of New Orleans is starting to kick in. The temperature has already hit the high 90's with high humidity. We don't have an inside workspace and working under a canopy can be a challenge. When we say we put our sweat into these pieces, we really do.

This piece is available for $325

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  1. Karen...
    this is absolutely beautiful!
    Great job :)


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