Wednesday, May 16, 2012

After Katrina Style

It's been almost 7 years since Katrina hit New Orleans. A lot has changed.......some good.....some not so good. One of the things that I've noticed in the burbs is a "New Old Style Home". We call them the "built after Katrina home". They all have the same style, elegant and classic. Most of them are painted in a white to creamy off white, some are tone on tone. They all have shutters, high ceilings, and porches. Of course you never, ever and I do mean ever see anyone sitting on the porch. It's to hot and the mosquitoes will suck every ounce of blood out of you. These homes bring back the feel of the Old New Orleans Uptown area. 

Here are a few examples. 

This one doesn't have a porch. 

Not only is this house beautiful, look at that garden.

This beauty is a beautiful green/grey color. It has the look of an old New Orleans Uptown home.... shutters, balusters, and even the blue porch ceiling. I love that it doesn't look "new". 

This is one of the tone on tone looks. Simple but elegant.

Now this is a porch........Not only is this one a beauty but it sits on a large piece of property. Well, at least large by New Orleans standards. It's a little different than most of the others. It has a metal roof and no shutters. Love the lamp post in front. 

Another one on a great piece of property and on a secluded street. Love the upstairs porch.

I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the post Katrina homes.

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