Friday, April 27, 2012

Sold And On To The Next Project

We sold the bed yesterday to a very nice lady named Myrna. Myrna we hope you love your bed and it looks great in your home. 

We're already moving on to our next project. Here are a few before pics. Yep, we remembered to take before pics this time. OK...... I lied about the WE part...Thanks to Debbie we have before shots. It must be because she has a younger brain than mine. 

Our little dresser/sideboard is a little tired looking now but we have big plans for her. Maybe we'll paint her a bright purple...................

SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!

Had you going for a second. We're actually thinking of a turquoise. We'll have to listen to her when she speaks to us. What color would you like to see her in? 

Not the best photo (OK still need to work on my photo skills) but she does have pretty delicate details. 

Hope to have her finished within the next 2 weeks. 


  1. She will be a beauty once you paint her. With all that great detail. Cannot wait to see her. I love turqoise and I think she'd choose that color.

  2. Ginger, we think you'r right. We may have to test out turquoise. Thank you for being the first person to post on our blog.


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