Thursday, May 17, 2012

Company's Coming

There's one sure way to get me to clean the house from top to bottom.....

Have relatives come for a visit..........

I've been going crazy trying to get the house together but haven't seemed to make a dent in it. I feel like I'm just moving things from one room to another. 

PLEASE.....tell me you do the same. It's OK if you lie to me.


It's just been a hard week for me. I look around and see so much that I want to do. Not the stuff I need to do like dusting, cleaning the fridge (which by the way was not fun) or washing the dog's bedding. I see all the fun stuff I want to do in the house. Like recover the dining room chairs, get a new sofa, finish the garden, repaint the kitchen cabinets, make those darn cute French towels I've been dying to do.  It's overwhelming. My brain goes from one project to another. There's so much creativity in my brain trying to get out!

So until I have the time to create, I'll have to settle on dreaming of those pretty French Towels........

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