Monday, February 27, 2012

We Made A Trumeau Mirror

We did it........Debbie and I put our skills together and made a trumeau mirror. Being that we're from New Orleans shouldn't we spell it Trumeaux. Hmmmm, I think I just came up with a new word.

It was a little scary using a table and a chop saw. We pulled up our big girl pants, closed our eyes and went to work. OK, maybe one of us closed our eyes....DEBBIE. We are so pleased with our creation. After putting it together we painted it a silvery blue/grey with off white moulding. We then finished it with 2 coats of poly and 2 coats of wax to give it a time worn finish. What do you think? Yes we know we need to work on our photography skills.

If you're from the New Orleans area and interested in our mirror email us at We can make a mirror to fit your special space. You pick the color and size, we'll make it for you. 

Special thanks to our camera shy friend at Moulding & Millwork Supply for your help. If your looking for great prices and a large selection of mouldings, and doors this is your place.

We have more projects in the making. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our First ETSY Post

We just posted our first items on etsy. Let's just say Debbie and I are going to need a few computer classes to help us get through this. It took us forever to figure out how to post pictures. I know, a 6 year old could have probably done a better and faster job than we did. What is it with kids and computers. NO FEAR!

I've digressed.................

Here are 2 photos of the jewelry boxes that we've upcycled. You can find them tomorrow on our new etsy site........the 100 block. We're also going to be setting up a Facebook page with our bigger items. We have a special item that we will be posting by this weekend. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What We've Been Up To....

Hi everyone! We've been very busy getting things together and trying to figure out how to post things. OK, so we're blogger challenged! We're going to be setting up an etsy site for our smaller items and a Facebook page to help you stay up on what new treasures we have.

We're happy to say that the first piece we've done together has sold. It was a beauty. Solid wood, the only nails in the piece we're in the new backing that we put on. We're trying very hard to be as creative as we can recycling and renewing. Here's a picture of the sideboard that we sold last week. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of our finished product. This picture is midway through our process of revamping. When we got the sideboard it was missing a back and a few boards on the inside. We painted her up then shabbied (yes we know that's not a real word) her down. 

Thank you Laura for our first sale and thank you Melissa for helping load it into the van. A special thanks to Moulding Liquidators in Harahan for helping us out with our moulding supplies. 

We have a Trumeau mirror that we'll be posting soon so keep checking in.