Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back To Work

Remember this piece that we pick up almost a year ago. 

It was in pretty rough shape. 

We cleaned her up. Pulled off all the loose veneer. Not an easy task.

Next, we sanded down the rough spots, dry brushed creamy paint over the dark green and applied stain. We then stained the top with a darker stain.

Look at her now.

Wouldn't she look beautiful in an old New Orleans home. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Long Hot Summer

I know it's been a long, long time since we've written. It's been a long hot summer here in the South. 

We've mostly taken off for the summer. Without a real shop to work in it gets pretty hot outside. I don't know if it's global warming or menopause that's been heating us up. It seems like this summer has been unbearable. I've been taking 2-3 showers a day. 

You know it's bad when you have to peel your underwear off. 

Maybe a little to much info!

There's been a new addition added to Debbie's family. She has a new granddaughter named, Zoe. This makes number 3 for her. 

We've had a few pieces that we were able to work on. 

A cute little desk that we painted in one of our favorite colors.

A dragonfly made from old fan blades and a chair leg.

A shabby Chic bookcase. 

See, our summer hasn't been a total waste. 

OK, so 3 projects aren't very impressive. 

Promise we're going to get back into the swing of things when the weather cools off some.