Thursday, October 25, 2012

1980's Update

One of our clients just built a fabulous new home. We're hoping that after she's completely moved in she'll let us share her beautiful home with you. 

We did a few little projects for her. Here are her barstools.

We did 4 of these to match her island breakfast bar. They came to us unfinished. We sanded, wiped the paint on then wiped it off. Next we added glazing in areas to make them look worn. We also added a few splashes of paint with a toothbrush for a speckled look. 

Here is a bookcase for the playroom, which I'm sure will quickly be filled with oodles of great stories.  . . . just in time for some spooky Halloween tales.  Just anothe example of how an ordinary bookcase can be painted for a fresh new look.  

We also did this cute little night stand for her little girl. It's a yummy minty green.

It came to us with the typical 1980's brown. On this piece we sanded, primed, painted glazed and did a little shabby chic technique. 

We love doing pieces for little girls. They always appreciate something new for their room.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lots of Work

Our Workshop

If only we could have a real workshop. 

This is where we're working this week. 

In the backyard under a canopy.

At least the weather is cool and dry. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Road Kill Rescue

Debbie and I were driving around one Sunday evening and spotted this cute little footstool sitting on top a pile of wood. She looked lonely and wet. 

I got out of the car in the rain to check her out. I saw this pretty little girl was minus one leg. Digging into the pile of wood a treasure was found.

Her leg.

All she was missing was a screw. We took her home dried her up, gave her new foam, paint and a pretty dress made out of a coffee sack.

Take a look at her now...(I don't know why we always call our furniture her)

It's person's trash is another person's treasure.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

History in Furniture

We have a client that had 2 french end tables that have been in her family for years.  She had them tucked away not needing to use them but not wanting to throw them away either.  They have little teeth marks around the edges from when her children were babies. 

How could she part with them?

Fast forward many years...

Daughter grows up, goes to college, enters med school and gets her first adult apartment. 

The end tables that were in storage for years have now found a new look, new home, and a new life.  This is our favorite part!