Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A French Lesson

We've been busy catching up on back orders of our Trumeau mirrors. We've finished the 4 that we had on special order and had some leftovers to make one as a back up. 

Trumeau means the thin section of wall between 2 windows or doors. Trumeau's were used as a decorative element to bring more light into a room. The center piece of the 18th century interior was a trumeau mirror. 

We made this one using the same laurel wreath applique design that we used on our first one. 

Facts about the Laurel Wreath 

Did you know the Laurel Wreath can be traced back to Greece. 

In Ancient Rome where the Olympic Games began the winners were awarded a "kotinos", which is now known as a wreath. The first wreaths were made of olive branches. Later wreaths were made from branches and laurel leaves.

Napoleon Bonaparte insisted on having his image stamped on coins with a Laurel Wreath on his head.  

I hope you enjoyed a French Lesson.......

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  1. I enjoyed the lesson, thank you very much. I also adore this mirror.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD


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