Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lesson Learned

Sometimes It Doesn't Go The Way You Want It To

This pretty set hasn't been easy. We went to get her late one night in a part of town we're not familiar with. 


We took a quick look at her and said "OK, we'll take her". Loaded her up in the truck and headed home. 

And so the journey of "Lea" began. 

The next morning when we took a good look at her we noticed a few minor problem. Looked a little closer.......not all real wood. Heavy problem, we'll work with it. Started cleaning her up, primed her and then the rain came. Note to self "not real wood" swells when damp. Lea didn't get wet, not a drop of water. Just the humidity and dampness in the air made the top wavy. It took us a few tries to level it out. 

She turned out pretty but was more work than we bargained for. We painted her white with a hint of pink around the drawers. The headboard and chair we're side of the road finds. By the way they are REAL WOOD.

Lea will be listed on Craigslist if anyone is interested in her. The set comes with the dresser, nightstand, twin headboard and chair. 

Lesson learned.......always double check to make sure we're buying REAL WOOD. 

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