Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yes, we've been SLACKERS...

We have been busy working...really we have! We just haven't posted anything since January. 

One of the favorite projects that we've done are 6 maple dining room chairs. These chairs took us out of our comfort zone. We normally clean, sand, prime, paint and put a clear coat on our furniture. These chairs we're a little more detailed and involved working with a product we hadn't used before. 

Here are the chairs when we first got them from Kendra. 

Just regular dining chairs with a mahagony finish. 

Here's a close up of the detail.

Here's what they look like now. 

Thanks to the guys at Helm Paint for all the advice they gave us. We used a great product, Modern Masters for the gold. The process was basically the same as when we paint using Benjamin Moore Paints. We sanded, cleaned, primed and painted. Modern Masters was easy and fun to use. We did find that if we put one coat on vertically and the next on horizontally we got a nice texture. You can see it on the picture of the leg. 

Kendra pushed our limits even more. She wanted them distressed even more that what we had done. We took a knife and sandpaper to them. They turned out beautiful. I have to say this has been the most fun project that we've done. 

Kendra has since upholstered them in a black velvet. 


Thank you Kendra for pushing us beyond our limits!

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