Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Can you believe it's 2013! 

2012 seemed to just roll off your tongue


Not so much...

With the new year comes new hopes and dreams. Promises to ourselves and to others. Probably the three biggest New Year Resolutions are to lose weight, get healthy and get organized. 

I can't help you with your weight loss it's something I've struggled with for years. But I can give you a few ideas for organizing your pantry. 

All of these photos are from Pinterest. 

Here's a well organized pantry. Everything's in containers. This girl took it to the next level by labeling each container. When she sends her husband to get something from the pantry there's no excuses that he can't find what he's looking for!

I love the idea of the chalkboard on the inside of the pantry. Now with chalkboard paint it's so easy to add.

Again a well organized pantry. She made use of clear containers and baskets. 

I'm not sure if I'd want all of my items in jars without labels. But the jars do make for a neat pantry. 

This is a great idea. A shoe caddy was used to hold items. I love that it's clear making it easy to see whats inside. 

You don't need to spend a lot of money to organize your pantry. You can go to the dollar store for plastic bins or garage sales for baskets. 

The first step is to empty your pantry and throw away  expired items. Anything that you don't think you'll use before the expiration date donate. Now that it's empty take a look at your pantry. What items do you have the most of? Will you be using baskets, bins, or wire can holders? Take an inventory and decide what you need to buy. 

Does it need painting? Now's the time to do it. Use a high quality gloss paint to make it easier to clean. TIP: If you repaint your shelves give them 24-48 hours to dry before you put any items back on them. Look at your shelves. Do you need to add more or adjust the ones you have. 

Once you've cleaned, painted and decided what you will be using to organize it's time to put it all back in. Put the items that you use most at eye level. If you have kids put their items where they can reach them. It will make your life easier. 

Now stand back and take a look. Aren't you proud of what you've accomplished. 

Good job!

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