Friday, August 3, 2012

The Quest Is Over

For the past three months......that's right, I said, three months. I've been searching for the "perfect" slip covered sofa. I think my search has finally come to an end. 

I guess my search really started around February of this year. I've tried to blame this one on the grand kids but my conscious is getting to me. Those two sweet precious children would never do to my sofa what was done to it. Right! The truth must be told. I must free myself from this burden I've been carrying around. 

My darling greyhound Daisy..................................... started scratching her face and wiping her nose on the arms of my sofa. 

There I've said it.....yes that crunchy feeling you felt on the arm of my sofa was Daisy's nose wipes. I tried, I really tried to clean it off but she kept coming back to the same arm to wipe her nose. I tried covering the arms in towels. She'd push them aside. She's determined to make my sofa one large kleenex.

I've searched every store, every Internet site looking for the right sofa. It's hard to find another sofa. After all, I've had this one for 18 years. I personally recovered it 2 years ago. 

It knows my butt. 

It fits me just right. 

It's so comfy. 

But I know the time has come and I must part with it. 

I'm going with a Four Season's brand slip covered sofa. This is not the exact fabric I'm going with. I'm going with a basket patterned linen colored fabric. Will the wrinkles drive me crazy? 


I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I've had everyone who even walked by my house to give me their opinion on fabric choice. Day, night, in sunlight, lights on, lights off, you name it I've looked at it. I even had Mr. Mail Person give me an opinion. After all the opinions I went with my husbands first choice. Which happened to be the color with the most votes. 

My next quest is 2 chairs for the den? Any suggestions?

On a side note Daisy has started allergy injections which has helped her tremendously. But I still want a new sofa!

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