Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Favorite Color

Two weeks ago Ace Hardware and Clark + Kensington Paints were giving away a free quart of paint. With so many colors to choose from I finally narrowed it down to Oyster Pearl. It's hard to describe the color. It's a grey/off white/blue. I suppose it's the color of the inside of an oyster. Hence the name Oyster Pearl!

Having a bed that we hadn't gotten around to we decided to use the Oyster Pearl on it. Remember this post back from May. Yes, it's been that long since we acquired this beauty.

Here she is now. Here name is Celeste. 

What can I say but "lovin the color". 

It looks different in different lighting. 

I've been thinking of repainting my kitchen cabinets and wondering if I should go with a white-white, creamy white, grey or green. Now this color is my number one contender. 

Do you have a favorite paint color?

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