Monday, April 1, 2013

From Trash to Treasure

We've been pretty lucky on finding good solid furniture pieces. 

There's a lot that goes into painting furniture. Here's a little run down on what we do.

People ask us where we get our furniture...


Garage Sales-we spend a Saturday morning driving around hitting between 5-10 sales. If we're lucky we'll find a good piece of furniture at a decent price that fits into our SUV. If it doesn't fit we have to wait for the Hubs to pick it up at a later time with a truck or trailer. There goes most of Saturday morning! 

Word of Mouth-our favorite way to get furniture. It usually has belonged to grandma or another family member. We love a piece that has a story behind it. Knowing a little about the piece gives it more meaning to us. If you have a piece that you no longer need give us a call. 

Hotel Liquidators-this is a hit or miss way to find furniture. The furniture is usually great quality, solid wood, but the price is also higher. Higher price to us means higher price to you.

We bring the piece home which causes a slight problem. Where do we put it? Neither one of us has a garage, so in the house it goes. It sits in our living room waiting until it's time to work on it. 

When it's time to work on a piece its:

Cleaned- all drawers are taken out. The whole piece is wiped down with Simply Green.

Any repairs are made. Drawers stick, backs and bottoms seem to always be broken or missing. Legs need to screwed back on...etc.

Sanded-Most of the time we use an electric sander with 2 different grades of sandpaper for a smooth finish. A hand sander is used on smaller hard to get areas and in between paint coats. 

Primed-almost all the time a piece needs to be primed. 

Painted-our favorite paint is Benjamin Moore. We have also used chalk paint. We're going to be experimenting with Milk Paint in the near future. 

Glazed or topcoats added. Usually two coats of poly or wax is used. Sometimes both. 

Now it's ready for us to sell. 

You see a lot of time, energy and love goes into our pieces of furniture. 

We do it cuz' we love it. 

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