Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember this cute little cabinet that someone had given us awhile back.

We were in a quandary...

To paint or not to paint... 

After all she's in perfect condition. Solid mahogany, no dings or scratches. It literally had one owner who had taken very good care of her. She had it filled with pretty little treasures from her travels. 

Well look at this baby now. 

We removed the outdated pediment. Painted her a pretty 
Behind The Shadow from Clark + Kensington and gave her a tiny little shabbiness. 

We learned a great lesson on this one. REMOVE THE BACK BEFORE PAINTING... so much easier to paint when the back is removed. 

Look at her pretty details.

This would be so pretty in a cottage style house. It could be used as a china cabinet, display cabinet, bookcase or just think about her in a little girls room. 

The back is painted a pretty sea foam green. 

We haven't given her a name yet. What do you think?

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