Thursday, October 25, 2012

1980's Update

One of our clients just built a fabulous new home. We're hoping that after she's completely moved in she'll let us share her beautiful home with you. 

We did a few little projects for her. Here are her barstools.

We did 4 of these to match her island breakfast bar. They came to us unfinished. We sanded, wiped the paint on then wiped it off. Next we added glazing in areas to make them look worn. We also added a few splashes of paint with a toothbrush for a speckled look. 

Here is a bookcase for the playroom, which I'm sure will quickly be filled with oodles of great stories.  . . . just in time for some spooky Halloween tales.  Just anothe example of how an ordinary bookcase can be painted for a fresh new look.  

We also did this cute little night stand for her little girl. It's a yummy minty green.

It came to us with the typical 1980's brown. On this piece we sanded, primed, painted glazed and did a little shabby chic technique. 

We love doing pieces for little girls. They always appreciate something new for their room.

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